Norton is a powerful antivirus that is developed by Symantec Software Company. You don’t need to restart your PC after installation. When it gets turned on, you will see a simple interface. It started.

Norton Antivirus 2020

Would you like to download the trial version of the latest Norton Antivirus and improve your computer’s protection? Norton is the best antivirus software in 2020, which achieves a successful score in virus detection tests. If you have a Windows 10, 7 or 8 computer and want comprehensive and complete protection, you should download and install Norton Antivirus software.

Software Features:

It has many features that a new version can offer. The best way to discover them is the “settings” dialog box. You will discover how to plan virus scanning while the PC is idle.

Norton protects your emails and gives the instant message when any virus harms your system. You will also find control tools in the new 2020 Norton antivirus. It will monitor your web browser, your internet connection, application performance and much more. If you are facing any other problems, the new feature “AutoFill” feature can automatically assign addresses to them. Then look at the “Support” and “Get Support” button, you will find the solutions to your problems there.

Full Windows 10 compatibility added.
Performance enhancements for Microsoft Edge are added.
A “Symantec Service Framework” error that could occur when it is modifying firewall rules has been fixed.
Only the “1 file scanned” issue was fixed when it is scanning large external hard drives.
Full protection has been added to auto-populate fields for identity and credit card security.

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