Install Norton with product key – Install Norton with product key

In the digital era, it is necessary to have strong antivirus software is not optional. The number of people increases who are using the internet through computer devices and mobile devices so it is important to use security software for security from threats and viruses. With thousands of new malware originating on a day to day basis, cybercrime is on an all-time rise. Infections, malware, privacy breach, data theft, and viruses have become commonplace. To defend your system against these excessive attacks, you must visit and Install Norton with product key with defend your computer with Norton software. Norton manufactures antivirus programs that are safe, robust, and effective. Get Norton setup, and you can take a sigh of relief.

How to Remove and Uninstall Norton Setup?

Prior to proceeding with Norton installation, it is vital to remove the older Norton programs.


Windows 10 users should follow these simple steps given below and remove Norton or any other conflicting software from your system. Users of older Windows versions, can go to the Control Panel, click on Programs and Features, and uninstall the programs from there.

Firstly, you need to open the Start menu.
Click on Settings (gear icon).
Now, select the System.
Click on Apps and Features.
Now, the whole listing or apps and programs on the system will appear.
Look for the app you want to remove.
Choose the older Norton program or any other conflicting software.
Click on the Uninstall option.
Now, in the confirmation window, select the Uninstall button.


Mac owners can both put the Norton software in Trash and then empty it, or they can follow the steps given below:

Firstly, go to your Dock.
Use the Finder to locate the Applications folders.
Double-click on the Norton program.
Now, head over to the menu bar.
Select Norton Security.
Click on the Uninstall Norton program.
Now in the confirmation prompt, select Uninstall.
Enter the admin user and password.
Now, hit the Install Helper button.
In the following screen, press the Restart Now button.

How to Download and Install Norton Setup with product key?

Install Norton with Product key

If you have an installation disc, then just pop it in, and follow the guidelines on the screen. To download the Norton setup online, follow these simple steps:

Log in at
In case you have not logged in earlier, then you shall be required to log on.
Please put the associated username/email and password with the Norton account.

Hit the sign-in button.
Or else, go to the Create account tab and fill-up the form.
Press the Download Norton button.
To register the product key to your Norton account, you need to enter the new product key.
Input the product key and move to the next screen.
If you require to install the Norton setup on the system, then click on Agree and Download.
If you want to install the product on another device when you click on Send a Download Link.
If you are using the IE or Edge then click on the Run button.
If you Mozilla Firefox and Safari users have to open the Download tab and double-click the setup file.
Chrome users can double-click on the file then the download file shows you at the bottom.
In the following screen, hit the Continue button.
The Norton software has been installed.

Install Norton with product key

How to install Norton on a secondary device?

You may also install Norton on a different device by sending a link. Here’s how:

Log on to Norton at
Sign in to your account.
In the webpage that opens, select the Send a download link option.
In case you need to download additional products, then select them and hit the Next button.
In case the item is not listed, then go to Load More.
Type the email ID
Now, you will receive an email along with installation instructions.
Open the email in the new device.
Hit the Install Now button.
Select the Agree and Download option.
Save the setup file on the system.
Double-click on the setup.
Now, the installation will begin.
Follow the guidelines shown on the screen.

Install Norton with product key: How to activate Norton Setup?

If you have the subscription of the Norton then you can go and activate the Norton Package using the activation code or product key. Here is the step how:
Firstly, you need to launch Norton.
Look at My Norton screen, click on the Open option.
In the UI, select the Activate Now option.
Log in with the email and password associated with the Norton product.
Click on the Next button.
Now, simply enter the 25 characters alphanumeric product key.
The device must be online for the activation process.

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